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{{Breadcrumb|en|OpenStage 15 SIP: Grundfunktionen|{{dev-en}}|OpenStage|OpenStage Training}} {{SIPV2R1|right|}}
{{Breadcrumb|0|0|{{dev-en}}|OpenScape Desk Phone IP|OpenScape Desk Phone Training}}
This [[OpenStage Training]] '''Video Tutorial''' shows the '''Basic Call Handling''' on your '''OpenStage 15 SIP''' telephone.
This [[OpenScape Desk Phone Training]] '''Video Tutorial''' shows the '''Basic call handling''' on your '''OpenScape Desk Phone IP 35G'''.
Download this video as an MP4 file in different sizes: [ High (25.0 MB)] | [ Low (3.7 MB)]
<mediaplayer image="" width='640' height='360' repeat="none"> Basic call handling.mp4</mediaplayer>
<mediaplayer image="" width='640' height='360' repeat="none"></mediaplayer>
[[Category:OpenScape Desk Phone Training]]
[[Category:OpenScape Desk Phone Training]]

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This OpenScape Desk Phone Training Video Tutorial shows the Basic call handling on your OpenScape Desk Phone IP 35G.

Download this video as an MP4 file in different sizes: High (28.7 MB) | Low (4.3 MB)

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