OpenScape Desk Phone CP T

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OpenScape Desk
Phone CP200T
OpenScape Desk Phone CP200 perspective view low.png
OpenScape Desk
Phone CP400T
CP400T p 02 1200px.jpg

The OpenScape Desk Phone CP TDM phone family continues the success story of the OpenScape Desk Phone CP and OpenStage model families. They adopt the elegant design of the OpenScape Desk Phone CP IP models and are based on the proven TDM technology of the Unify communication platforms. In this way, customers can use a common phone design language for both the IP and TDM models. The development of the new phone family aims for a perfect integration into office workplaces, which expect a professional tool for conducting conversations.


UNIFY has brought decades of experience and a thoughtful design approach into the development of the
OpenScape DeskPhone CP T, resulting in:

  • New and more intuitive user interface
  • Tidy key layout with clear function division
  • Colored LEDs in the function keys for intuitive display of the states
  • Significantly improved visibility of the function key LED illumination even in bright ambient light
  • Mechanical hook switch, robust and with haptic feedback
  • Concave key shape with a clearer, improved pressure point
  • Stable and variable foot for placing the phones in a flat or steep angle
  • Headset connection for all models

Phone range