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In this OpenScape Desk Phone CP FAQ you will find answers to frequently asked questions on the OpenScape Desk Phone CP phone family, divided into various topics.

Read more about SIP features in general.

Advanced Features


With the OpenScape Desk Phone CP600 phone is Bluetooth available and allows use of Bluetooth headsets, proximity monitoring and Eddystone beacons.

The following use case are supported by using Bluetooth.

Audio Scenario, e.g. Bluetooth Headset connection

The so called “classical” Bluetooth Specification 2.1 with EDR supports the well known audio scenarios with the OpenScape Desk Phone CP600 phone; those are connection of Bluetooth headsets and hands-free units. Wideband audio via Bluetooth is new in the OpenScape Desk Phone CP600.


Proximity Detection

The OpenScape Desk Phone CP600 phone supports in addition to above also the new Bluetooth Specification 4.1
One of the new prominent features is the Bluetooth Proximity Profile (PXP). The Proximity Profile defines the behavior of the OpenScape Desk Phone CP600when a Bluetooth 4.1 device moves away or come closer together. A Desk Phone CP600 user could specify for instance that his Desk Phone CP600 will automatically be unlocked as soon as the user comes with the Bluetooth 4.1device to his workplace. Access to the phone and personal data can be protected in a comfortable and intuitive manner - smart and simple.

Eddystone beacon

Eddystone beacon is a technology provided by Google and is supported in the OpenScape Desk Phone CP600.
The Eddystone beacon is part of the Physical Web initiative, which is about better connecting the real with the virtual world. The basic idea is to fully replicate the real world in the internet. The challenge is to make all this information accessible in the moment where those are needed. With this new Eddystone beacon technology using Bluetooth as radio transport layer the OpenScape Desk Phone CP600 can pushed location relevant information to a smartphone nearby.

There are two basic use cases with OpenScape Desk Phone CP600 available:
1) The OpenScape Desk Phone CP600 sends Eddystone-URL frames The OpenScape Desk Phone CP600 provide access to Location Based Services to every Smartphone user (Pushing Company Advertising, Deal of the day; Menu/Lunch cards; Instruction to the phone etc.)


2) The OpenScape Desk Phone receives Eddystone frames and forwards the information about the originator of the frame to a central server The Smartphone user can provide his location to a map, this use case was realized in CEBIT 2016 to find the booth personal on the UNIFY both


Remarks to realization:

  • Bluetooth devices which would use this service (e.g. Smartphones) don´t need a classical Bluetooth Pairing. Each Smartphone equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy and a newer version of the Chrome browser is able to read and display those URL mentioned in use case (1)

Near Field Communication (NFC)

Using NFC, pairing between two [Bluetooth] devices can be very much simplified. The user does not have to start the manual pairing via menus and entering a PIN, he simply holds the NFC tags of both devices close to each other.

The Desk Phone CP600 supports Secure Simple Pairing this in conjunction with smartphones, but not headsets, as these usually have a passive NFC tag.

The NFC tag in the OpenScape Desk Phone CP600 is read-only and stores the MAC address of the OpenScape Desk Phone CP600 and the built-in Bluetooth chip. With an additional implementation / service this technology can also be used to automatically login mobile users on a OpenScape Desk Phone CP600. An Android application just needs to read the data from the NFC tag and send this together with the user’s E.164 number to the Management Server. This is all the Management Server needs to know to send the user’s personal data to the visited OpenScape Desk Phone CP600.


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