OpenScape Desk Phone CP (SIP)

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OpenScape DP IP 35G persp.jpg OpenScapeDP IP 55G.jpg
OpenScape Desk Phone IP 35G Eco OpenScape Desk Phone IP 55G

The OpenScape Desk Phone CP family is upholding the success story of optiPoint and OpenStage. It takes over the heritage of the very good acoustic features from the OpenStage phone family. Based on that heritage the new family has the same outstanding compatibility to the OpenScape Voice solution. The huge network and security experience was also taken over to the new family.


The new OpenScape Desk Phone CP family is enhanced by a lot of awesome features:

  • Mechanical hook switch, robust and with clear feedback
  • Concave keys shape with a clear pressure point
  • Two-color LEDs in the function keys to display statuses
  • Keys with backlight even visible in bright surroundings
  • Tidy key layout with clear function division
  • Built-in stand with 4 different angles (flat and steep)
  • Easy cable management
  • Key module with new display technology, connector without cable
  • Headset connection in all models
  • Higher performance, lower boot times
  • Completely new User Interface
  • Energy efficient hardware design

The OpenScape Desk Phone CP family is aimed to a perfect integration in office workplaces and much vertical markets, who expect a professional tool for a feature reach audio communication.

Phone range

Model Overview

OpenScape Desk Phone CP consists of three different phone models: • OpenScape Desk Phone CP200 • OpenScape Desk Phone CP400 • OpenScape Desk Phone CP600 All models have a preinstalled SIP software.

Accessories: • OpenScape Key Modul KM400 with paper label, 16 keys and 16 red and green LEDs as extension for OpenScape Desk Phone CP400 • OpenScape Key Modul KM600 with display, 12 keys und 12 red and green LEDs as extension for OpenScape Desk Phone CP600.

Test 1

Test 3

Test 2