OpenScape Desk Phone CP (HFA)

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This page gives a brief overview about the most important changes made in released HFA software versions of the OpenScape Desk Phone CP phone family.

V1 R3 Feature Overview

Function Description
OSBiz: UC Synchronization with CP phones (UC Suite and UC Smart) * CP400/CP600 phones can show the identical call journal of the OSBiz UC solutions, changes on one side are synchronized with each other
* Voice mails of the UC solutions can be listen by the CP400/CP600 phones via the details of the call journal entries on the phones
Optional Programmable Keys in idle screen In a second / alternative idle screen of the CP600 phone, the user can configure his desired functions on the 5 hard keys, so the user has direct access to the functions on these 5 hard keys, e.g. for Call Center Agents -> Agent Logon/Logoff or Speed Dial Keys
Customer-specific Logo In the CP400 + CP600 phones customer-specific logos can be imported which are shown on the idle screen
Configurable Source for Conversation List It is now configurable which information source for CP400/CP600 should be used to update the contact information data in the conversation list. These sources could include: Directories (e.g. LDAP, UC directory of OSBiz when applicable) or Signaling
Bluetooth update * The CP600 can now be used as a Bluetooth handsfree unit with a connected Bluetooth device (including a smartphone). The user can control the call and use the loudspeaker/microphone of his CP600 in that case
* External keyboards can be connected via Bluetooth to the CP600 for simplified text input
Remote Trace Indication An information is displayed on the phone display when the phone is being remotely monitored or traced (e.g. via DLS)
Browser base download and deletion of Files The user is now able to upload via WBM (Browser) files to his phones to personalize it (e.g. Screen Saver, Ringer Files)
Force TLS V1R2 Optionally, the user can force that only the more secure TLS 2.1 is used for Web Access to the phone and Signaling

V1 R2 Features

Function Description
Name Update for existing conversations Automatic name update for existing conversations can be configured with this option. Possible sources are LDAP, Signaling or Platform.

Alphabetical sorting (LDAP) LDAP search results are displayed in alphabetical order.
Mark all conversations as read With 3 clicks it is possible to mark all conversations as read at the same time.

V1 R1 Features

Function Description
Conversation Introduction of the new Innovative Conversation Concept! LDAP, Exchange, and Call History are combined into a dynamic conversation. There is only one conversation per participant under which all relevant data are summarized.
Bluetooth Proximity With the help of the extended Bluetooth interface, it is possible to automatically lock the device as well as to unlock it.
Delete all Conversations With 3 clicks, it is possible to delete all conversations at the same time.
Exchange Automatic synchronization of Exchange contacts (e.g., Microsoft Outlook) to the device.
Intuitive search function The search function has been completely redesigned to give the user an intuitive and easy way to search for both local and corporate contacts at the same time.
Real time LDAP Dialed/incoming phone numbers are automatically synchronized with the corporate directory.