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1. What are OSFM redundancy licenses and what can I do with them?

1. What are OSFM redundancy licenses and what can I do with them?

The redundancy licenses are just a commercial aspect - they do not refer to any technical solution.

This basically means: If you want to run a seconds OSFM server in the same environment, you can get a discount for the second installation by ordering the redundancy licenses.

Best practice and the easiest way to achieve a higher availability is to just run two equally configured OSFM servers in parallel, may be at different geographically locations. If one fails, you can manually log in to the other.

There are two points to consider here:

1) All monitored devices like OS4k Manager, OSV etc. have to be configured in a way so that SNMP Traps (Alarms etc.) are send to both OSFM servers

2) All configuration steps on one OSFM server have to be transferred manually to the other one - either by reproducing all configuration steps on the other OSFM, or by copying some DB/Config files (this is the quicker way)

In theory, more sophisticated solutions would be possible as well, e.g. setting up a Linux cluster with pacemaker and run OSFM on this, or create a bunch of scripts to copy over the configuration from one server to another automatically and implement a switch-over. But I think you could not build such a solution without additional help/services from us.

If you are looking for an easy redundancy solution you can install/maintain by yourself, just run two OSFMs in parallel as I have described at the beginning.