OpenScapeCP SIP Release Notes

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OpenScapeCP SIP V1R1

General information V1R1

What’s New?

Area Summary
Usability The feature Conference also work by selecting context menu option "add to conference" instead of pressing conference key
Usability Group pickup tone beep: volume has been increased and tone will be repeated every 15 seconds (non configurable)

V1 R1.7.0

What's New?

ID Cluster Summary

Fixed Bugs

This section lists issues that have been resolved or closed for the OpenStage SIP V3R4 product.

ID Cluster Summary
NA14884029 Lines and DSS are not working in survivability scenario
NA14692329 Host Name is not send after upgrade in DHCP Discover
NA14361795 Vulnerability Expat XML Parser Input Document Handling Buffer Overflow (CVE-2016-0718)
NA14952518 Phone does get new IP after entering E.164 number for Plug and Play
NA14952485 No DLS connection after P&P with Fixed Network Port settings