Mobility Log-in/-out Improvements

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Family: OpenStage
Model: OpenStage 15
OpenStage 40
OpenStage 60
OpenStage 80
Relation: SIP related
Release: V2 R1

The following images show the required User Interface for the Mobility log-on process on OpenStage 15, OpenStage 40, OpenStage 60 and OpenStage 80.

os15-p.jpg os40-p.jpg os60-p.jpg os80-p.jpg
The phone is idle
OpenStage 60/80 OpenStage 40 OpenStage 15
Mobility-Log-in-out-Improvements-1a.png Mobility-Log-in-out-Improvements-1b.png Mobility-Log-in-out-Improvements-1c.png
The user starts the Mobile logon
OpenStage 60/80 OpenStage 40 OpenStage 15
Mobility-Log-in-out-Improvements-2a.png Mobility-Log-in-out-Improvements-2b.png Mobility-Log-in-out-Improvements-2c.png
The user is prompted to enter their Mobility ID
OpenStage 60/80 OpenStage 40 OpenStage 15
Mobility-Log-in-out-Improvements-3a.png Mobility-Log-in-out-Improvements-3b.png Mobility-Log-in-out-Improvements-3c.png
The user enters their Mobility ID
OpenStage 60/80 OpenStage 40 OpenStage 15
Mobility-Log-in-out-Improvements-4a.png Mobility-Log-in-out-Improvements-4b.png Mobility-Log-in-out-Improvements-4c.png
The user is prompted to enter their password
OpenStage 60/80 OpenStage 40 OpenStage 15
Mobility-Log-in-out-Improvements-5a.png Mobility-Log-in-out-Improvements-5b.png Mobility-Log-in-out-Improvements-5c.png
The user enters their password
OpenStage 60/80 OpenStage 40 OpenStage 15
Mobility-Log-in-out-Improvements-6a.png Mobility-Log-in-out-Improvements-6b.png Mobility-Log-in-out-Improvements-6c.png
The Mobile log-in is attempted
OpenStage 60/80 OpenStage 40 OpenStage 15
Mobility-Log-in-out-Improvements-7a.png Mobility-Log-in-out-Improvements-7b.png Mobility-Log-in-out-Improvements-7c.png

  • Error cases should be handled as they are in the existing implementation. Note that is will not be possible to enter an “empty” Mobility ID or Password (“OK” will do nothing until at least one character is entered) so no additional error indications are required.
  • Existing translation strings will be used where possible. This may differ slightly from those shown in the FDB3 but the timescales for introducing these changes call for minimal changes.

Mobile user is protected from accidental log-off

A mobile user cannot accidentally log-off from a correctly configured Openstage phone just by pressing an FPK.

  1. The user presses a suitably configured Mobility FPK (or chooses the Mobility logoff option form the Idle menu.
  2. A prompt is displayed asking the user to confirm that they want to log-off.

The user has now the ability to confirm or discard the wish to logoff. If there is no reaction by the user in a short period of time, the phone will start to logoff the mobile user as if the user has pushed the ok button like it was done in previous versions.

OpenStage 60/80 OpenStage 40 OpenStage 15
Mobility-Log-in-out-Improvements-8a.png Mobility-Log-in-out-Improvements-8b.png Mobility-Log-in-out-Improvements-8c.png