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Until recent times,map finding servies were limited to computers,mobiles etc.,but now the Map Finder application enables the users to view desired maps\directions on the APM of IPPhone.Significantly it also provides the user with a print facility, enabling the user of printing a friendly version of the map to take on the road.


Weather op.JPG

Operational Overview:

  • A Weather Reporter application on the phone interacts with the server using XML. The server provides XML to the phone which the application renders into a screen for the user to interact with. The user’s interaction with the phone results in key-value pairs being passed back to the server for processing.
  • The server in turn sends a query (Http Request) to web-based services and obtains HTML data (Http Response).
  • The server then creates an XML page with the data obtained from web-based services and sends it back to the IP Phone.

Key Features