Lifters for OpenStage (3rd party products)

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The following solutions are 3rd party products.

See also: OpenStage Stand


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The UpKit A and B Series are a support frame for OpenStage phones. The increased height allows a more ergonomic use of the phone. The angle makes for better clarity of the key module display, even in direct sunlight. It is made from powder coated aluminum and is available in black-gray (matching the Open Stage color “lava”) or in slate gray (matching the Open Stage colors “ice blue” and “silver blue”). It is also available on request in customized colors.

04 os-upkit-perspektive-rueck.jpg

The UpKit can be used with the following OpenStage phones: Model Range A Series / B Series:

  • OpenStage 15/20/30
  • OpenStage 40
  • OpenStage 40 + Key Module 15
  • OpenStage 40 + Key Module
  • OpenStage 40 + 2 Key Modules
  • OpenStage 60/80
  • OpenStage 60/80 + Key Module
  • OpenStage 60/80 + 2 Key Modules

Other versions available on request.

Please note: The OpenStage Upkit is available via Unify VD Sales. Search for CCM (for Communicate).

Technical details

01 os-front-vorher.jpg 01 os-front-nachher.jpg
before after
  • Elevation/Skewing caused by the UpKit: approximately 100 mm.
  • The phone cables are guided in an integrated check rail.
  • The anchorage is realized by removable clips.
  • Colors:
    • RAL 7021 (black gray), fits to OpenStage color Lava
    • RAL 7015 (slate gray), fits to OpenStage colors IceBlue and SilverBlue

Manufacturer information


openstage aufsteller.jpg

The Aufsteller puts up your OpenStage telephone to ease the operation of your phone, improve the visibility of the key panel and make the phone handling more comfortable.

The parts can be used with the following OpenStage phones:

  • OpenStage 10/15/20/30/40/60/80
  • Also with Key Modules 15, 40 and 60/80

Manufacturer information