Keypad input into XML Application fields

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Family: OpenStage
Model: OpenStage 60
OpenStage 80
Relation: {{{relation}}}
Release: V1R5.11.0

The IppScreen element will be enhanced with an additional element IppKey.

The IppKey element enables or disables sending keypad input and defines the key part of the key-value pair for the keypad key. The value part consists of the number (0 to 9) or character (* or #). It also defines the buffering of the keypad key presses.

The following table defines the attributes in the IppKey element:

Description Attribute Name Attribute Values Mandatory or Optional Default Value
Defines if keypad key presses are handled Keypad NO or YES Mandatory NO
Defines if keys are sent SendKeys NO or YES Mandatory NO
Defines if keys are buffered BufferKeys NO, YES, or SUB-SEQUENT Optional NO
Defines the length of the buffer BufferLength A positive number including 0 Optional 0
Defines the terminating keypad key for the buffer TermKey 0 to 9, *, #, or left blank Optional blank
Defines the key part of the key-value pair sent in the URL to the remote server for the next XML document UrlKey User defined string Mandatory digit