HiPath DLI

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The HiPath DLI is an embedded lightweight HiPath DLS Interface implemented and integrated on most recent HiPath Xpressions Compact's software as a new WBM system feature. The HiPath DLI works interacting with DHCP and FTP integrated servers and lets a central management of HiPath 3000 system's IP workpoints.

Mandatory requirements

Mandatory requirements to benefit of HiPath DLI features:

  • HiPath Xpressions Compact with V2.5 or V3.0 software
  • HiPath 3000 V6.0 (or newer software version) to host an HiPath Xpressions Compact module
  • HiPath HG1500 V3.0 for HiPath 3000 V6.0 (or newer software version)
  • CorNet IP workpoints variant (XML templates dependant) such:
    • Comfort Open P100 IP
    • Comfort Open P300 IP
    • OpenStage 20
    • OpenStage 40
    • OpenStage 60
    • OpenStage 80
    • optiPoint 410 entry
    • optiPoint 410 economy
    • optiPoint 410 economy plus
    • optiPoint 410 standard
    • optiPoint 410 advance
    • optiPoint 420 economy
    • optiPoint 420 economy plus
    • optiPoint 420 standard
    • optiPoint 420 advance
    • optiPoint 600 office V5
    • optiPoint WL2 professional
    • optiClient 130


Through HiPath DLI WBM interface is possible to:

  • centrally configure the parameters of all connected IP workpoints using customizable XML templates
  • initialize each IP workpoint in a Plug&Play mode
  • centrally perform software updates on all connected IP workpoints

The usage of HiPath DLI and HiPath DLS to perform a mass deployment of IP workpoint is mutually exclusive (this is true for a specific HiPath DLI enabled communication system and for a specific IP Subnet): an external HiPath DLS can be used with HiPath Xpressions Compact's integrated FTP and DHCP (or an external one) servers once the internal HiPath DLI service has been disabled.

The integrated DHCP server can provide a pool of IP addresses to only one IP Subnet.