HTTPS and HTTPS over Proxy

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With SW version V3 R0 the XML Application Generic Platform (AGP) supports both HTTPS and HTTPS URLs over proxy.

With HTTPS URLs, the phone will authenticate the server. This ensures functions on the server are only executed after proper authentication by the phone. In summary the XML AGP provides an interface between an OpenStage phone and a remote server.

The interface allows:

  • An XML application configured on the phone to communicate with a remote server.
  • An XML application to invoke a start URL on a remote server which is either the relative path to a server or the first XML page of the application.
  • The start URL consists of: protocol, server IP address, server port, and program name on server.
  • A remote server to present information to the user on the phone’s display.
  • The user to interact with the information.
  • The user to control how and when any information is returned.