Genesys Integration

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Until recent times, an agent using an ACD (Automatic Caller Distribution) system, such as Genesys, would have to also be running an application on their desktop machine, to set unavailable and work reasons. This feature is heavily used in contact centres to produce statistical reports about the performance of the agents, and help to increase performance. This application eliminates the need for the application on the desktop machine, as it means all telephony actions can be carried out using the phones. The phone application on the phone can also be extended to include more features of the Genesys server, including Supervisor actions.


Genesys op.JPG

Operational Overview:

  • The OptiPoint phone using the AGP (Application Generic Platform) talks to a servlet hosted on a web server on the servlet/middleware server, using XML.
  • The servlet processes all of requests and responses, and passes the correct display to the correct phone.
  • The servlet talks to the middleware application via XML. The middleware application uses ActiveX controls to connect and interface with the Genesys server.
  • The middleware application processes all actions and events with the Genesys server.

Key Features