Enhancement of AICS zip tone

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A contact center agent user (B) with the AICS Zip key lit (auto-answer mode), receives a call from an external customer (A). Then the agent (B) starts a consultation call with the contact center supervisor C. Supervisor C answers the consultation call and then hangs up (disconnects).

Before SW version V3 R0 at this moment Agent B’s OpenStage phone started ringing, informing the agent that the call with the external customer is on hold. Agent B had to press OK in order to retrieve the call with the external customer (A).

With SW version 3 the agent B is immediately being reconnected to the external customer (A). It is the capability to automatically retrieve a held call after a consultation call has cleared. Of course the pre-condition is that AICS zip tone is activated.

While the held call is re-presented to the phone three things occur simultaneously.

  1. Tthe call is automatically answered by the phone and the caller and phone user are in speech.
  2. 500 ms beep is immediately delivered to the headset to warn that the call is answered.
  3. The UI moves from the holding to the connect state (without presenting the usual retrieve held call alert)

Administration via WBM:

WBM admin > System > Features > Program keys > AICS Zip tone