Declarations of Conformity

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 OpenScape Desk Phone CP  (without radio interfaces)

pdf.png  EU-DoC_20-301__OpenScape_Desk_Phone_CP_IP-Phones

  • OpenScape Desk Phone CP100
  • OpenScape Desk Phone CP200
  • OpenScape Desk Phone CP205
  • OpenScape Desk Phone CP400
  • OpenScape Desk Phone CP600E
  • OpenScape Key Module 400
  • OpenScape Key Module 600
  • OpenScape Desk Phone Wall Mount Kit CP

 OpenScape Desk Phone CP  (with radio interfaces)

pdf.png  EU-DoC_20-302__OpenScape_Desk_Phone_CP600_CP700(X)

  • OpenScape Desk Phone CP600
  • OpenScape Desk Phone CP700
  • OpenScape Desk Phone CP700X
  • OpenScape Key Module 400
  • OpenScape Key Module 600
  • OpenScape Desk Phone Wall Mount Kit CP

 OpenScape Desk Phone CP T

pdf.png  EU-DoC_20-303__OpenScape_Desk_Phone_CP_TDM-Phones

  • OpenScape Desk Phone CP200T
  • OpenScape Desk Phone CP400T
  • OpenScape Key Module 400
  • OpenScape Desk Phone Wall Mount Kit CP

 OpenStage Phones  (without radio interfaces)

pdf.png  EU-DoC_20-304__OpenStage_10_30_40_TDM-Phones

  • OpenStage 10 T
  • OpenStage 30 T
  • OpenStage 40 T
  • OpenStage Key Module 15
  • OpenStage Key Module 40
  • OpenStage Busy Lamp Field

 OpenStage Phones  (with radio interfaces)

pdf.png  EU-DoC_20-305__OpenStage_60_TDM-Phone

  • OpenStage 60 T
  • OpenStage Key Module 60

 OpenStage M3

pdf.png  EU-DoC_20-306__OpenStage_M3

  • OpenStage M3
  • OpenStage M3 Plus
  • OpenStage M3 Charger

 OpenStage M3 Ex  (for use in potentially explosive atmospheres )

pdf.png  EU-DoC_21-107__OpenStage_M3_Ex_and_M3_Ex_Plus

  • OpenStage M3 Ex
  • OpenStage M3 Ex Plus

 OpenScape DECT Phones

pdf.png  EU-DoC_20-308__OpenScape_DECT_Phones

  • OpenScape DECT Phone S5
  • OpenScape DECT Phone S5 Charger
  • OpenScape DECT Phone SL5
  • OpenScape DECT Phone SL5 Charger

pdf.png  EU-DoC_21-122__OpenScape_DECT_Phone_S5_Base

  • OpenScape DECT Phone S5 Base

pdf.png  EU-DoC_21-109__OpenScape_DECT_Phone_S6_SL6

  • OpenScape DECT Phone S6
  • OpenScape DECT Phone S6 Charger EU
  • OpenScape DECT Phone SL6
  • OpenScape DECT Phone SL6 Charger EU

 OpenScape WL4 Phones

pdf.png  EU-DoC_20-311__OpenScape_WLAN_Phones

  • OpenScape WLAN Phone WL4
  • OpenScape WLAN Phone WL4 Plus

 OpenScape WL4 Accessories

pdf.png  EU-DoC_20-312__OpenScape_WLAN_Accessories

  • OpenScape WLAN Phone WL3/WL4 Desktop Charger
  • OpenScape WLAN Phone WL3/WL4 Desktop Programmer
  • OpenScape WLAN Phone WL3/WL4 Rack Charger for Phones
  • OpenScape WLAN Phone WL3/WL4 WSG Server
  • OpenScape WLAN Phone WL4 Rack Charger for Batteries

 DECT Basestations

 OpenScape DECT Basestation 5

pdf.png  EU-DoC_20-309__OpenScape_Cordless_Basestation_5

  • OpenScape DECT Basestation 5

 OpenScape Cordless IP V2

pdf.png  EU-DoC_20-310__OpenScape_Cordless_IP_V2

  • OpenScape Cordless IP V2

 Communications Systems  (Small & Medium Businesses)

 OpenScape Business

pdf.png  EU-DoC_20-313__OpenScape_Business

  • OpenScape Business X1
  • OpenScape Business X3W
  • OpenScape Business X3R
  • OpenScape Business X5W
  • OpenScape Business X5R
  • OpenScape Business X8

 Communications Systems  (Large Enterprises)

 OpenScape EcoServer

pdf.png  EU-DoC_20-316__OpenScape_EcoServer

  • OpenScape EcoServer

 OpenScape AP3700

pdf.png  EU-DoC_20-315__OpenScape_AP3700

  • OpenScape AP3700

 OpenScape EcoBranch

pdf.png  EU-DoC_20-317__OpenScape_EcoBranch

  • OpenScape EcoBranch

 OpenScape Access

pdf.png  EU-DoC_20-318__OpenScape_Access

  • OpenScape Access BRI
  • OpenScape Access PRI
  • OpenScape Access SLA
  • OpenScape Access SLC-M
  • OpenScape Access SLO
  • OpenScape Access TA-CE
  • OpenScape Access TA-IM

 OpenScape Branch

pdf.png  EU-DoC_20-224__OpenScape_Branch

  • OpenScape Branch 50/250
  • OpenScape Branch 50i A84
  • OpenScape Branch 50i D44
  • OpenScape Branch 50i DP14
  • OpenScape Branch 50i DP24
  • OpenScape Branch 500i DP4
  • OpenScape Branch 500i DP8

 Communications Systems  (Exchange Trading & Call Center)

 OpenStage Xpert

pdf.png  EU-DoC_21-121__OpenStage_Xpert_6010p_V1R1

  • OpenStage Xpert 6010p V1R1

pdf.png  EU-DoC_20-225__OpenStage_Xpert

  • OpenStage Xpert Speaker Module
  • OpenStage Xpert USB Analog Adapter
  • OpenStage Xpert Handset VC
  • OpenStage Xpert Cradle Universal
  • Gossie 07
  • Gossie 09

 Environmental Declarations


pdf.png  UFD-EMS-1000_REACH_Compliance_Statement_2021-01-05


pdf.png  UFD-EMS-1001_ROHS_Compliance_Statement_2020-01-13

 China RoHS

pdf.png  UFD-EMS-1002_CHINA_ROHS_Substance_Declaration_2020-01-13