Configuring a WAP/WML proxy

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In most companies you access the internet via a Web-proxy. To display internet-based applications on your APM the proper proxy configuration is required.

How to do this

To check this, just open your webbrowser and click Extras > Connections > LAN Settings if there is a proxy or proxy script configured.
Alternativly you can ask your IT-adminstrator for the proxy settings used in the company.

To configure the proxy IP address, pls click:

  • Administration > Applications > WAP (--> screenshot)
  • enter the appropriate IP address, in some (very seldom) cases additional login info (--> screenshot)

To configure the proper proxy-port, pls click:

  • Administration > System > Port Settings
  • enter the appropriate port-number for WAP (normally: 80) (--> screenshot)
WBM screenshot Java/XML proxy
WBM screenshot Java/XML Port settings