Configurable Keys on OpenStage

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Focus of V2 R1

The main goal of V2 R1 is for building up a huge customizable phone for the user. The phone software allows deep application integration into the existing phone user interface. Many of the phone keys can be changed to an application integrated function for supporting customer related integration. The following table gives an overview about the customizing capability of every OpenStage phone model.

The features are already available and will now be configurable to several keys. Please have a look to the software release documents for feature documentation.

  • XML application (OS 60/80 only) > V1 R5
  • Start XML application > V1 R5
  • Server Feature > V1 R5
  • Send URL > V2 R0

Programmable Mode Keys

Programmable Fixed Function Keys

Free Programmable Keys (FPK)

An overview about the FPK functions can be found at OpenStage Free Programmable Keys.