Change of OpenStage acoustic parameters

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Today all OpenStage phones we’re installing in the USA do have different audio parameters / settings, than the ones we’re installing in all other countries at first to comply with the relevant TIA standards. The second reason is to match the Plantronics Polaris interface/headsets (same as our competitor’s phones do).

Plantronics stopped selling these Polaris headsets (P-type) in 2008 and is now offering an adapter cable (A10) for the connection with the standard rest-of-world headsets (H-type) as a kind of Polaris equivalent. The amplification is now done in the cable / plug.

The implementation changes the acoustic parameters in all those OpenStage models allowing a direct headset connection so that we’re able to support the old Polaris headsets as well as the new H-type headsets in combination with an A10-adapter cable, while still complying to the relevant standards.