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What is this

With the calendar extension you can embed table based calendars on any page at the position you want to. The calendar days are hyperlinks. When clicking on a calendar day you can edit a wiki page for this day.

The calendar extension is good for applications like webblogs within a wiki or for calenders of events, for example.

Example: Calendar for the current year


Example: Calendar for the current month


Syntax hints

  • The markup for embedding a calendar is <calendar>...</calendar>
  • Between <calendar> and </calendar> you enter the desired options.
  • With view=year you generate a calendar for the whole current year.
  • With view=month you generate a calendar for the current month.

There are further parameters for viewing and formatting options. If you use more than one parameter, enter each parameter in an own line. The format for all parameters is parameter=value.

  • parameter "view" can be "days" days from today, "rdays" (reverse days), "week","month","threemonths" and "year" (default).
  • parameter "name" is a name for the calendar and changes the names of the day pages.
  • parameter "format" defaults to '%name_%year_%month_%day' and describes the names of the day pages.
  • parameter "formattitle" formats the titles in today/days/week view
  • parameters "day","month","year": you can specify the date of the calendar, it defaults to today. Currently this doesn't work with "view=week"
  • parameter "date": this takes a php strtotime (see http::// option and overrides the "day","month","year" option
  • parameter "weekstart": week starts on 1=monday ... 7=sunday. default is 1
  • parameter "skipempty": skip empty days in week view
  • parameter "showempty": show inivitation to add entries when a day is empty, default is 1
  • parameter "weekformat": format of the week, days, rdays and today view.
    • "text" (default), simple wikitext format
    • "list" a layout that uses definition list tags with the 'calendar' class
    • "table" a layout that uses table tags