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== See also / Siehe auch ==
== See also / Siehe auch ==
* [[Call feature term comparison English/German]]
* {{wp|en|Computer telephony integration|CTI}}
* {{wp|en|Computer telephony integration|CTI}}

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CTI = Computer Telephony Iintegration


CTI allows a computer to interact with the telephone, e.g. in setting up and terminating calls with numbers taken from a directory via a PC application.

There are basically two different approaches supported with CTI:

  • The computer (e.g. a PC located at the same desk as the telephone) directly interacts with the telephone: First Party CTI.
  • The computer (could also be a co-located PC) interacts with the telephone system (e.g. SIP application server), and the latter controls the telephone: Third Party CTI.

See also / Siehe auch