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* {{File-DL|BlueAngelOpenStage20SIP|pdf|en}}  
* {{File-DL|BlueAngelOpenStage20SIP|pdf|en}}  
* {{File-DL|BlueAngelOpenStage40SIP|pdf|en}}
* {{File-DL|BlueAngelOpenStage40SIP|pdf|en}}
* {{File-DL|BlueAngelOpenStage60SIP1|pdf|en}}
* {{File-DL|BlueAngelDeskPhoneIP35GSIP1|pdf|en}}
* {{File-DL|BlueAngelDeskPhoneIP55GSIP1|pdf|en}}
=== Further informationen on [] ===
=== Further informationen on [] ===

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Blauer Engel UZ 150 F.jpg

As the first and only enterprise world-wide Unify received the eco-label Blue Angel lent of the RAL gGmbH for the following devices:

os15-p.jpg os20-p.jpg os40-p.jpg os60-p.jpg OpenScape Desk Phone IP 35G-persp.jpg D9741 OpenScape IP55G persp.jpg
OpenStage 15 SIP
OpenStage 20 SIP OpenStage 40 SIP OpenStage 60 SIP* OpenScape Desk Phone IP 35G OpenScape Desk Phone IP 55G

Advantages for climate and environment:

  • Low power consumption
  • high compatibility and quality
  • long-term spare part supply

*Note: OpenStage 60 SIP has the Blue Angel for devices with a revision number equal or higher than 50


Bestowal of the certificates March 2nd, 2011

Further informationen on