Asterisk Feature Example Configuration

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This page contains the Asterisk system configuration. Every example in the Asterisk feature pages are based on the same test configuration. This page gives all information about the configuration parameters.

System Configuration

The system is built up with an Asterisk community configuration:

Parameter Value Comment
Asterisk IP Address There is only one Asterisk server used
MWI Number 80

The following persons are present in the dial plan. These are imaginary persons. Any similarities to living persons are accidental and not known by the author.

Person Phone Number Phone IP Address
Bob Demo 222
Joe Demo 333
Leo Demo 444
Alice Demo 555

Auto Answer

When automatic call answering is allowed on the phone, automatic call answering can be requested from within the incoming call via the SIP Alert-Info header. In the Asterisk extensions.conf file, the SIPAddHeader function must be programmed like this: SIPAddHeader("Alert-Info:<>\;info=alert-autoanswer")

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