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Hi, My name is Ahmad. Working on XML applications. try to Run Webcam Viewer on my local Apache server. But I am unable to get WebCam Capture Servlet. Can you please Help me. In the installation guide there are 3 links in file to test servlets. (http://localhost:8080/WebcamViewer/WebcamViewer?phonenumber=123&ipaddress=567) Working Fine as in installation Guide.

(http://localhost:8080/WebCam/WebCam?height=80&width=80) Problem on this page. Webcam Capture servlet is not building. There is no WebCam Folder in Tomcat Appache Webapps folder. Error ( The internet site reports that the item you requested could not be found. (HTTP/1.0 404). I think the problem is with JMF ?

(http://localhost:8080/WebcamWebportal/WebcamWebportal) Working Fine as in installation Guide.

Please Help me thanks