OpenScape Office MX/LX Feature related FAQ

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OpenScape Office general

Sind zum Betrieb der Clients wie myAgent und myReports Admin-Rechte erforderlich ?

Nein, Admin Rechte sind nur zur Installation der Clients erforderlich

Welche Music on Hold (MoH) Quellen können genutzt werden ?

In Verbindung mit OpendSape Office können exteren MoH Quellen die an a/b - Ports angeschaltet sind sowie die Ansagefunktion aus der Xpressions Compact (IVM) verwendet werden.

Interne MoH Quelle funktionieren nicht (z.B musiphone© MPPI-USB)

How does does the call recording option work ?

The subscriber can record conversations or parts thereof and save them in his or her voicemail box.

  • Open Scape Office MX V2

As an administrator, you can allow or prevent the recording of calls and conferences on a system-wide basis. In addition, you can optionally configure the playback of an announcement or warning tone at the start of the recording.

The recording and play back of calls is controlled via the OpenScape Office applications myPortal myPortal for Outlook and myAgent.

Recorded calls are stored in the voicemail box with the associated call number and identified by a red dot.

Only calls between two subscribers can be recorded. In this case, one subscriber must be an internal subscriber; the other party can be either an internal or external subscriber.

The other party must be informed that the call is being recorded. In some countries such as France, for example, other party is automatically notified. System-Specific Information The maximum voice recording duration (message length) can be between 1 and 60 minutes (the default value is 15 minutes).

Contact Center general


Call Control Vector

Does CCV element MoH also works for internal calls ?

No - Internals calls, which are handled by the OSO ContactCenter queue do not get the internal musik (MoH) when a CCV element MoH is executed by the CCV. This a common system behaviour.


Wird dem Anrufer in der Warteschlange die aktuelle Position angesagt ?

Ja, sofern ein entsprechendes Ansageelement im Call Control Vector der Warteschlange eingefügt wurde.

Does caller get information about his actual waiting position within queue ?

Yes, if the appropriate CCV elemetnt has been inserted in the CCV for the queue

Wie viele Ansagen lassen sich im Zusammenhang mit dem OSO Contact Center gleichzeitig betreiben ?

Es sind maximal 30 Ansagen gleichzeitig möglich. Hierbei ist zu beachten dass für jede Ansage eine B-Kanal Lizenz für die HG 1500 erforderlich ist und die B-Kanäle nicht anderweitig belegt werden.

How many announcements can be played simultaneously by OSO Contact Center ?

In total 30 simultaneously announcements are supported. It has to be considered that every announcement needs an B-Channle within HG 1500 and an B-channel license and that the B-channels are not seized by other ressources within OSO.

Woher stammen die Ansagen für das OSO Contact Center ?

Die Ansagen stammen direkt aus OpenScaoe Office. Über die Ansagenverwaltung können individuelle Ansagen in OpenScape Office importiert oder aufgenommen werden. Die Xpression Compact Baugruppe (IVM) wird in Verbindung mit OpenScaoe Office für Ansagezwecke nicht benötigt.

What is the source for OSO Contact Center announcements ?

Announcments used by OSO Contact Center are part of OSO. Via the OSO administration tool individual announcements can be recorded via phone or can be imported from other sources. Xpressions Compact(IVM) module is not required for OSO CC announcements.

What happens if Voice Mail volumes reaches HD capacity ?

A warning e-mail is issued to the administrator if less than 20% of the memory space is free.

What is the Voicemail recording capacity ?

140GB harddisc space gives a maximum of about 300h for VM recordings.

Contact Center calls and data records

What is the definition of a contact center call ?

An incoming call is marked as contact center call when the call arrives at the queue pilot number. This is the only way for a call to enter the contact center.

When are contact center call related data written into database

Contact center call related data (e.g. agent talk time, GOS etc) is written into database at the termination of the call, not during the life of the call i.e. moving from agent A to agent B.

When is a contact center call is regarded as terminated

The call is regared as therminated and no longer regarded for reporting, when the call has , the call has left the contact center. This can be done by: a.) Agent or caller hangs up b.) The call is transferred to a non agent.

How are contact center calls counted, which are routed by CCV element "Record in Mailbox" to voicemail ?

The contact center call duration does not include any time spent recording a message in Voicemail.

How are contact center calls counted, which are handles by CCV element "Callback" ?

The contact center call duration includes the time spent recording the callback message.

Are there differences within the call counting between agent – agent communication and agent - non agent communication ?

In case of internal agent - agent communication, the call is still in the contact center and the data will be written when the call is terminated. This includes handling by more than one agent but not consultation i.e. caller on hold.

As soon as the call is transferred to a non agent, the call has left the contact center and it is no longer regarded for reporting. The agent talk time, GOS etc. is written at the time the call is transferred.


How many entries can be entered in the VIP caller list ?

There is no "practical limit". The VIP caller list was tested with up to 15.000 entries in the lab. But before using such large number of VIP entries, practical use has to be doublechecked and the administration efforts shoud be considered seriously. In addition a large number of VIP entries may slow down database queries, depending on the server HW-platform.

Contact Center Clients



Where can I find information about the Standard Reports ?

Standard reports are describe on the myReports site within this wiki

What is the meaning of report input parameters

Input Parameter Definition
From Date The report data starts from this date
From Time Used in conjunction with From Date i.e. report data starts from this time
To Date The report data ends at this time
To Time Used in conjunction with To Date i.e. report data ends at this time Business hours only or 24/24 = Business Hours is defined in OSO Admin, Server, General Settings > Office Hours. If this item is checked, the report will only report on data between Office Start Time and End Time. If 24/24 is selected, the report will include data 24 hour per each day in the date range.
Agent/User Refers to the User first and last name. If the report is a call centre report, then the word Agent is used.
Queue Refers to the Queue name (for call centre reports)
Wrap-up Refers to the wrap-up code name. Note that wrap-up codes can span across different queues. If a common wrap-up name is used, then the reports will cover its usage over all queues (where used). For example, if we have 3 queues (Mercedes, BMW and Audi). We will create a wrap-up code with the name \"New Car Sales\" for each of the queues. After some calls in each queue and the wrap-up code usage, we can run a report for that specific e.g. Wrap-Up Code Usage All Queues and we could see which type of car was most sold (Mercedes of course) :)
Wrap-up group There are two modes or wrap-up usage: Single and Multi. The simple mode allows the agent to select one code per call. The Multi allows the administrator to setup multi-layered codes and the agent is required to select one or more, as appropriate within the group. For example, we could have a Multi-Wrap-Up Group called \"Mercedes\". The next level could be \"Cars\", \"Trucks\". Within each one, we could have \"New Sale\", \"Used Sale\" and \"Parts\".

Contact Center reporting in general

Werden in den Reporten auch Informationen über "Nicht Agenten" ausgegeben ?

Abhängig von gewählten Report können auch Daten über Nicht Agenten ausgegeben werden. Dieses ist der jeweiligen Reportbeschreibung zu entnehmen.

Werden kommende / gehende Gespräche mit der Zeit 0 ausgegeben ?

Ja, solche Gespräche werden in den Standard Reporten ebenfalls mit ausgegeben. Über individueller Anpassung des Reportes kann dieses verhindert werden.

Werden Gespräche mit Klingelzeit 0 ausgegeben ?

In der Konfiguration einer Warteschlange einstellbar ab welcher Klingelzeit ein Gespräch als abgebrochenes Gespräch gezählt wird.

Können intern kommende / gehende Gespräche gesondert ausgewertet werden ?

Hierzu existiert z. Zt keine Report - Neudefinition / Erstellung

Ist es richtig, dass nicht nur Call Center spezifische Anrufe in den Reporten ausgegeben werden ?

Ja, die vordefinierten Berichte in myReports sind nicht ausschliesslich auf die CallCenter Aktivitäten begrenzt. Dieses ist der jeweiligen Reportbeschreibung zu entnehmen.

Gibt es einen Report über den einzelne Gruppen gezielt ausgewerten werden können ?

Nein - zur Zeit gibt es hierzu keinen Standard Report.

Der Bericht "Kommende Anrufe Gruppe", enthält auch Nicht Agenten". Ist das richtig  ?

Eine Gruppe ist per OSO CC Definition keine Warteschlange sondern eine Abteilung (Department). Daher kann der Report auch "Nicht Agenten" beinhalten sofern diese der gleichen Abteilung angehören.

Wie lange werden die Daten für eine Auswertung über myReports gespeichert ?

Es werden keine Daten gelöscht.

What happens if agent login is before report begin date / time

The report will exclude the data if the agent logged in before the report range

What happens if agent logoff is after report end time

The report will include the data if the agent logged in within the report range, irrespective of when he logged out.

Contact Center Standard Reports

What is the purpose, content and format of myReports Standard Reports"

my Reports Standard Reports are categorized in:

The content of this section has been moved to the myReports site within this wiki