OpenScape Office LX/MX with Microsoft Office 365

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Genral Overview

Within Microsoft Office 365 OpenScape Office V3 is able to use

  • Exchange Calendar Integration
  • Email forwarding

Exchange Calendar Integration

When users set appointments in their Microsoft Outlook calendar, the OpenScape Office V3 system will automatically check for keywords in the calendar appointment subjects like: “Meeting”, “Sick”, “Break”, “Out of Office”, “Holiday”, “Lunch” or “Home”. If such a keyword is found, the OpenScape Office V3 will set the users presence status automatically when the appointment time is reached, even if the Microsoft Outlook session of this user is not active anymore. The user just simply configures his appointments with these keywords and OpenScape Office V3 will set his telephone presence status automatically and will forward calls to his voicemail or for example to his cellphone, depending on the set presence status and the from the user desired forwarding target. The user can also configure in a general client setting, if his presence status should be switched back to “Office” presence status when the appointment time has ended. This will also work, even if the user does not use the local Outlook client and will setup the appointment with the above named keywords directly in the Outlook webpage in the Cloud.

Email forwarding

With this configuration option, the OpenScape Office V3 will be able to send emails to the in the Microsoft Office 365 included Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. This will enable your users to receive emails for new voicemails, faxes or conference calls with the ability to perform an automatically from OpenScape Office V3 created WebCollaboration session (WebCollaboration is available in OpenScape Office >= V3R2 only). OpenScape Office V3 will generate emails for such actions and will keep users updated also via email if such new notifications arrive in their OpenScape Office V3 message box.


The following document describes how to connect a local OpenScape Office V3 to “Microsoft Office 365”