OpenScape Office LX/MX V3 Data Gathering Tool

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The OpenScape Office LX/MX Customer Data Gathering Tool provides support for starting up the OpenScape Office LX/MX. The tool can be used to record the parameters required for startup in advance, for example in relation to the network, subscriber data and trunk interface.

Using the Excel export function offered by the tool and a subsequent import, a subset of this information can be transferred to OpenScape Office MX. The system can be started up more efficiently as a result.

zip-de.png  OpenScape_Office_LX_MX_Kundendatenerfassungstool


  • Recording of custom configurations
  • Recording of network data
  • Loading of existing customer data via an import function
  • Creation of Excel files for import into the OpenScape Office Assistant
  • Encryption of customer data

System requirements


  • Microsoft Windows XP and Vista


  • Min. 1.4 GHz processor
  • Min. 256MB free RAM

Languages supported

The user interface comes as standard in German and English only. It can be adapted, however, to suit individual requirements (additional languages, texts, help) using an XML editor.

Information on how to do this is provided in the following document:

pdf-de.png  HiPath OpenOffice Kundendatenerfassungstool individuell anpassen

Cost savings

The demand for cost-efficient startup is fulfilled through use of the OpenScape Office MX Customer Data Gathering Tool. The data recorded prior to startup allows preconfiguration of the system. Any issues with integration in the customer infrastructure can be detected in advance when using the tool, thereby ensuring problem-free startup at the customer site.

The tool is designed such that customer data can be recorded without difficulty by the customer or an IT system partner. No specific training is required.