OpenScape Office LX/MX Open Source Software

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You can get the open source part of the OpenScape Office V3R3 LX/MX and HX Software on this page for free. The software is available via download and on DVD, as defined in the license regulations.

The software is available via download and on DVD.

Download file

link=// OpenScape Office
  OpenScape Office V3
  (2012-07-20, 1.727.580.064 Bytes, zipped files)

MD5 checksum: dbc1bde20b74a247a90273bc6a64508e

Order file on DVD

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**= Please, gather the SW Version from your OpenScape Office V3 LX/MX Assistant Homepage

If you have problems with this form, just send us an E-Mail to to order the file on DVD.