OpenScape Office LX/MX Networking Projects

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The following information will give an overview of networking examples on basis of already realized customer projects as well as additional considerations and hints regarding the SME platforms:

Continuously new customer projects will be realized and included as examples within administration.

Please find projects here which might be simular to your customer demands.

Dial Plan and LCR Rules in a network

Within a network planning and configuration regarding the dial plan and LCR rules have to be made carefully. The following link contains additional information.

How to setup Dial Plans within OSO LX/MX V3

What is a network license

Via CLS component a network license can be created for a OpenScape Office LX/MX network. The advantage is to provide a netwide license handling in the network, e.g. shifting of a myAttendant license to a new node.

pdf.png  Network Licensing on CLS