OpenScape Office LX/MX Directory Service

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OpenScape Office LX/MX Direcectory Service

OpenScape Office Directory Service (ODS) is an fully integrated meta directory. ODS connects the OpenScape Office UC solution with external databases. In addition ODS comprises all OSO directories and connected directories into one directory, which can be accessed by clients and applications via LDAP.

Open Directory Service supports:

  • Connection of multiple external databases / data sources (read only)
  • Access to OSO internal dirctories (read only)
  • LDAP Interface for OSO clients and 3rd party applications
  • Data source indicator in case of multiple hits in different sources
  • Configurable phone number normalization depending on directory content and location
  • Seamless integration in OSO software and it’s web based management.
  • Powerful integrated testing capabilities

Open Directory Service components

Open Directory Service is modular. In general it consists out of a base component and database connectors.

Open Directory Service Base Component

Beneath several other software components the Open Directory Service Base sofware contains a LDAP server, which can be used by LDAP-capable applications and devices. This can be either SEN HiPath 3000 or OSO LX/MX/HX clients like:

  • OSO MX/LX myPortal clients
  • The internal phonebook of the BX (OSO or H3k), optionally with name resolution
  • OpenStage phones with local LDAP support

or LDAP capable 3rd party applications and clients

  • Other endpoints: SIP phones via LDAP
  • 3rd party applications via LDAP

Database Connector

A database connector is specific for a type of datasource. For different types of databases different connectors are required. A connector can be used multiple times in case of same database type Following database connetor type are available with OpenScape Office V3R2

  • SQL database connector (read only)



HW depends on used OpenScape Office plattform, no additional HW is required.


No SW prerequisites have to be fullfilledd as SW is part of the OpenScape Office LX/MX/HX SW package from V3R2 on


Use of Open Directory Service is licenced. Licenses are part of OSO licensing scheme. Different license schemes have to be considered for OpenScape Office LX/MX and OpenScape Office HX


Every external datasource requires one connector. OSO internal directory and Speed Dials do not influence the max. value.

  • Max # of datasources: 10

Available Database Connectors

  • SQL Database Connector (read only), which supports:
    • PostgreSQL
    • MySQL (no longer available from V3 on )
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 / 2005 / 2008
    • Sybase SQL Server V10 and later

Max # of entries within SQL database

  • less than 50.000 entries


Adminsitration is fully embedded within the Administration Portal of OpenScape Office. No specific SW is required

Within the configuration menues testpoints are implemented, which allow to check if the configuration is successful or not.


The administration of Open Directory Services is described within the OpenScape Office administration manual.


Additional information about ODS configuration, examples and use cases are available within the HowTo section of this Wiki: