How to connect OSO LX/MX V3 with Microsoft Lync

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OpenScape Office

This How To describes the connection of OpenScape Office and Microsoft Lync in order to:

  • Exchange presence status and instant messages between OpenScape Office myPortal and Lync Office Communicator users (UC Federation).

It is written on base of OSO version V3R3. Deviations may occur, if higher versions of OSO are used. Within this How the focus is laid on OpenScape Office capabilities and related settings.

All data shown here and also the screenshots are examples only, which are used to demonstrate the capabilities.


Before you start to establish the UC federation link, you have to check some prerequisites otherwise the connection fails.

HW Prerequisites

OSO HW depends on used OpenScape Office plattform, no additional PC HW is required.

Lync HW, depends on customer demands, for further information use Microsoft documentation.

SW Prerequisites

In order to exchange presence status and instant messaging XMPP protocol is required on both sides

  • XMPP Server within OpenScape Office LX / MX / HX from V3R3 on
  • Microsoft Lync with XMPP Gateway, for further information use Microsoft documentation

License Prerequisites

Within OSO

  • OSO base license package, no additional licenses

Within Lync

  • See Microsoft documentation for correct licensing.

Supported Features

Instant Messaging

The “built in” XMPP server of OpenScape Office can be connected to the XMPP Gateway of Microsoft Lync. This enables the user of myPortal and Office Communicator to chat with each other.

Subscription for IM

Subscription message for Instant Messaging is done automatically by my Portal at the moment, when an IM is sent out. In case that Office Communicaor is active and my Portal is stated the first time a subscription request is sent out be Lync XMPP Gateway which has to be confirmed by myPortal user. Subscription status of an Instant Messaging contact can by checked e.g. within the myPortal Favorites list by right mouse click to the desired contact.

If contact is not subscribed for IM. Subscription can be directly out of the dialogbox.

IM subscription.png

IM from myPortal to Office Communicator

OSO XMPP OSOtoLync.png

IM from Office Communicator to myPortal

OSO XMPP LynctoOSO.png

Presence status

The “built in” XMPP server of OpenScape Office can be connected to the XMPP Gateway of Microsoft Lync. This enables the user of myPortal and Office Communicator to exchange and display presence status .

Mapping of Presence Status

XMPP protocol is able to transmit presence status. It differentiates up to four different statuses.

XMPP Status.png

As MyPortal and Office Communicator support more than 4 statuses a status mapping between client status and XMPP status mapping is done within each system. XMPP supports transfer of additional text (note) to provide more information about the transferred status. The text, which is used, depends on the specific XMPP client or system.

Within the following the overall mapping between OSO myPortal status and Lync Office Communicator status and related text is show.

Mapping of OSO myPortal status to Lync Office Communicator status

OpenScape Office transmits additional status related text via XMPP to Lync. The text is either added automatically as it is bound fix to a status or entered individually by the user of myPortal.

MAP OSOtoLync.png

myPortal Office Communicator Default note Individual note
Office Available n/a n/a
Meeting Busy Meeting til: hour / date supported
Sick Away Sick til: hour / date supported
Break Away Break til: hour / date supported
Vacation Away Out of Office til: hour / date supported
Lunch Away Lunch til: hour / date supported
Home Away Home til: hour / date supported
Do not disturb Busy Do not disturb til: hour / date supported

Mapping of Lync Office Communicator status to OSO myPortal status

Display of the Presence Status of a Lync Communicator user is updated earliest in myPortal after status has been changed once within Lync Communicator. The note / text which can be entered with the Communicator to provide more information about the status is not transferred via the Lync XMPP Gateway to Open Scape Office myPortal .

MAP LynctoOSO.png

Office Communicator myPortal Default note Individual note
Available Office not supported not supported
Busy Office not supported not supported
Do not Disturb DND not supported not supported
Be right back Out of Office not supported not supported


OSO settings for Instant Messaging and presence

In following examples it is assumed that

OSO XMPP server is located within the domain:

Lync XMPP Gateway is located within the domain: msocfcom.pdb

OSO System

XMPP server has to be enabled configured properly within the OpenScape Office:

Therfore enter Admin Portal --> Expert Mode --> Web Services –-> XMPP

On the XMPP settings page, the domain name of the OpenScape Office system and the XMPP server name, which should always be identical to the OpenScape Office system name, have to be entered.It is mandatory that this domain name can be resolved by the MS Lync XMPP gateway server. If the connection is not local, but via internet, this can be ensured by using the OSO DYNDNS service.

OSO XMPP WBM Settings.png

Within OSO XMPP Settings, “Secure Connections” has to be disabled. This flag is availble since OpenScape Office V3R3. Older OSO versions are not compatible to MS Lync!

myPortal Settings

Within myPortal a contact with a valid Lync XMPP address has to be entered in the personal myPortal directory or has to be imported into the external directory by system adminsitrator.

e.g. rodman@msofcom.pdb

OSO XMPP myPortal contactentry.png

In case that you are using myPortal for outlook ypu have to choose the default IM address for the Lync User within the Favorite list in addition

OSO XMPP myPortal default Settings.png

Instant Messaging and Presence Prerequisites

  • OSO V3R3 with myPortal or myPortal for Outlook
  • Microsoft Lync with XMPP Gateway

OpenScape Office settings


  • OSO System is connected to the internet and addressable by a full qualified domain name
  • XMPP Server is active
  • XMPP Domain Name is configured


A contact with a valid Lync XMPP address is entered within the myPortal directory e.g. rodman@msofcom.pdb

Set the default IM address for the Lync User within the Favorite list (myPortal for Outlook only)

Lync XMPP gateway Settings

OSO XMPP Lync Setting 1.png

OSO XMPP Lync Setting 2.png

Within the following XMPP configuration dialog the radio button “TCP dialback” has to be selcted !!

OSO XMPP Lync Setting 3.png

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