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OpenScape communication platforms can perfectly combined with Hospitality (Hotel) solutions to cover the communication needs of small, medium sized Hotels.
The combination of OpenScape communication platforms and 3rd party middleware solutions enhances the centralised or on-property features for the hotelier by:

  • Lock / unlock room phone triggered by Check in/out
  • Modify name within telephone book triggered by Check in/out
  • Transfer of Call Data for Call Accounting and Billing
  • Wake Up services
  • Voicemail & Auto attendant services
  • Room Status, Minibar and Laundry posting via the phone
  • Support of analog, system or IP (SIP) phones with MWI and DND
  • Interface for connection of the Hotel Front Office system (PBX-PMS interface)
  • Use of OpenScape communication platform also stand alone (without PMS)

Within the following an overview is given about the most requested features within Hotels and about some Hospitality solutions, which are either certified or successfully connected to OpenScape communications platforms. This list is not exhaustive and is subject to change.

Solutions have been connected / certifies with different types of OpenScape communication platforms.
Details about solution certification can be found at the Technology Partner Pages or within the Partner Portal of Unify.
Details about supported features of a particular Hospitality Solution has to be retrieved from the manufacturer or local distributor.

Communication Platform related Features

The table below shows the Communication Platform related features of most of the hospitality middleware solutions.

Most of the hospitality middleware solutions provide additional functions which are far beyond the core feature set of the interface to the communication platform.

Features of the Hospitality Middleware Interface

Feature Short Description
PMS INTERFACE Connectivity between the PMS and the PBX
GUEST NAME Set & delete telephone guest names
BAR / UNBAR Lock & unlock guest telephones
CDR / CAS Call Data Records / call charges
VMS Guest messaging / voicemail
WUP Execute, set & delete guest wake-up calls
MWI Set & delete telephone message waiting indication
DND Set & delete telephone do not disturb
ROOM STATUS Set & modify the room status codes
MINIBAR Post minibar items to the PMS via the phone
LAUNDRY Post laundry items to the PMS via the phone
LANGUAGE Set & delete the extension language
DID Number assignment for direct inward dialing to the guest room phone
2ND LINE Two line telephony

Common Features of Hospitality Systems

Term Explanation
MW -
Middleware between the PMS and the PBX:
Connectivity between the PMS and the PBX allowing for above mentioned functions. The Property Management System (PMS) also called Front Office System is the leading system in a hotel providing to any other system the relevant guest data. The middleware comprises among other things the interface to connect the hospitality system (PMS) to our voice platforms (PBX). Today this is an IP connection between the PBX, the middleware and the PMS. In case of HiPath 3000 / OpenScape Business a CSTA interface is used. In case of HiPath 4000 / OpenScape 4000 futhermore the AMO interface is used. And in case of OpenScape Voice this is substituted by a SOAP interface. Depending on the hospitality solution some functionality is found and handled within the middleware but may also be transfered to another external CAS / VMS system if needed. The hospitality middleware approach offers most flexibility. As example and depending on the middleware, the middleware could reside in the cloud or purely software based on-site with the PBX, or the middleware is installed in the customer LAN on a Windows based PC / MAC or Virtual Machine as well as dedicated appliances like a small PlugPC.
Call Accounting
Call data records (CDR) are transferred from our voice platforms (PBX) to the Hospitably Systems and can be charged to the guest, during the stay or when checking out. The calculation of the call charge is normally done within the Call Accounting Systems (billing module) and then send to the PMS. All CDR transferred to the CAS will be calculated and charged to the guest room bill. Furthermore admin extensions can be reported on incoming and outgoing calls. At check-out the balance is zeroed. It is also possible to transmit the raw CDR directly to the PMS. Some hospitality middleware solutions allow in combination with a VMS to inform on the estimated call charge and to notify the guest about his account balance via voice prompts.
A hospitality Voicemail System (VMS) provides a group of functions improving the guest messaging with guest specific messaging, guest wake-up and auto attendant. The Voicmail system covers basic guest voicemail functionality in a guest focused simple way. Other options are auto attendant, directing the guest calls to the relevant hotel departments, group broadcasting to inform guests on special events, as well as voice prompted wake-up, room status, minibar and laundry posting. Some Voicemail solutions are easily configured to allow daily changing guest information messages or even text to speech options. At check-out all remaining messages are archived or deleted. Most systems alert on guest check-out in case of remaining, unheard messages.
The stand-alone Wake-up system is using the guest room phone to wake-up the guest automatically. Ring the guest room phone with or without guided voice prompts, record the phone status (picked-up, unanswered…) and report the status via PMS / GUI / Printer. Wake-up calls are registered at the reception desk using the Wake-Up system or PMS. It is also possible for the guests to set their wake-up calls directly at the guest room phone. With or without guided voice prompts. The Reception is informed about success or failure of a wake-up call. At check-out all remaining wake-ups are deleted.
OpenStage XML Phone
As mentioned above certain hospitality middleware solutions can provide far more guest facing services in combination with our voice infrastructure. One option is to display XML based information like “Weather”, “News” , “Airport Departure” information on the OpenStage 60 telephone. OpenStage 60 phones are rarely used within hotel guest rooms instead this is perfectly designed as Service phone used in the Hotel Lobby or as Concierge phone. Furthermore can the provided XML content be offered to other IP based devices, e.g. a Lobby dashboard or a TV
High Speed Internet Access
HSIA allows the hotel to operate his own Internet Hotspot and provides different types of internet access to their guests, from fully charged to flat or free but monitored, bandwidth controlled and secured.

This HSIA guest service combined with the telephone guest service can be registered against the room/guest and billed within the same hospitality middleware solution as stand-alone option or thereafter transferred via a single interface to the PMS. Another overlap between VOICE and HSIA can be the available 2 wire telephone infrastructure. Appling ADSL2+ or VDSL2 technology allows using the same infrastructure for the network and broadband Internet. The HSIA service offering can go far beyond the middleware services outlined in this article. A HSIA solution could be provided stand alone or as add-on to the existing middleware both as on-site or hosted solutions e.g. provided by IAC-BOX or via some of the middleware listed below. It is also possible to operate HSIA as central hotel service. Such specialists like e.g. The Cloud or iBAHN will act as HSIA service provider, using a joint network infrastructure leveraging the synergies between Voice and Data. Central services are designed to provide new business models like pay per use and SaaS based on hotel occupancy.

Smartphone Hotel Service Application
Certain hospitality middleware solutions can provide also staff facing service apps. Apps which enable the staff Smartphone to look-up any in-house guests, to set the room status or to post minibar items to the PMS.
ST –
Service Tracking
The term “Service Tracking” groups applications, middleware and devices to centrally capture guest service requests and complaints and to dispatch such service jobs to the relevant hotel staff. The solution handles online and automated job dispatching as well the monitoring and tracking of job completion. Certain hospitality middleware solutions can provide staff facing service tracking. Else other third party Service Tracking solution can be integrated.
Interface to Other
The fragmented hospitality market sometimes requires a flexible integration of multiple solutions. It therefore can be necessary that the hospitality middleware has to interface to other systems than only the PBX and PMS. Other possible systems are listed below.
  • HSIA
  • TV (IPTV)
  • CRM
  • VMS
  • CAS
  • ACD / CC / Attendant Console
  • Broadcating/Alerting

The hospitality market is fragmented. There is not one solution which fits it all. To simplify your solution finding it is best to ask the hotel for the specifc requirements. Individual hotels often have other requirements than large international hotel brands. In case of technical questions please contact one of the below mentioned suppliers for further advice.

Hospitality Middleware Solutions for OpenScape Communication Platforms

The following table lists some frequently used Hospitality Middleware Solutions for OpenScape communication platforms in alphabetical order.
This list is not exhaustive and subject to changes.
In case that the column Certified is marked additional information about the solution and supported communication platforms can be found at the Technology Partner Pages or within the Partner Portal of Unify.
In case that the column Installed is marked ask the manufacturer / distributor for details of the installation.

Company Solution Version Core Systems MW CAS VMS WUP XML OS60 HSIA APP ST IFC Other Certified Installed Remarks
InnDesk 5.2xx *Voicemail X X X PMS
see here X CAS via SDD
1.4xx *Accounting *Voicemail X X X X X X PMS
see here X
*Accounting *Voicemail X X X X X X PMS
ServiceTracking via:
see here X
2.x *Accounting *Voicemail *Internet X X X X X PMS
see here X
2.6x *Accounting *Messaging *FrontOffice X X X X X PMS
see here X formerly known as own Siemens portfolio called Caracas / HHSC (HiPath Hospitality Service Center)
CAS'SaaS see here X
Innovation'2020 InnLine'VoipLink
50.x *Accounting *Voicemail *Internet X X X X X X X PMS
ServiceTracking via:*HotelMGR
see here X formerly known as Horizon, VoiceLink, CHCS