Free of Charge Queue Time Law

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In Germany, the telecommunications law phase 1, effective from September 2012, requires that defined call numbers (0800 and 018x), which are not offered for a fixed price, are free of charge for at least 2 minutes as long as they are in the initial queue.

With HiPath 3000 and OpenScape Office Contact Center or OpenScape Contact Center Agile / Enterprise the following measures can be implemented to be compliant with the law:

  • Use call numbers not affected by the regulation
    Not affected from this regulation are e.g. 0800 and local call numbers.
  • Configure "Delayed Connect"
    The caller hears ring tone until the call is accepted or it is released by the central office.
  • Accept calls immediately with auto attendant
    This can be implemented within OpenScape Office or, if OpenScape Office Contact Center is in use, with HiPath Xpressions Compact.

For phase 2, effective from March 2013, an offering of call numbers with fixed price and announcement is planned by the carriers.