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myPortal to go


myPortal to go is a feature-rich unified communications app for iOS and Android smartphones. It is compatible to OpenScape Business V1R3 systems and higher and supports both UC Smart and UC Suite.

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Besides convenient dialing incl. one number service, myPortal to go offers access to many other UC related features like:

  • favorites
  • directories
  • journal
  • presence status
  • voicemail access
  • etc.

The following document contains a comlete feature description of myPortal to go.

Supported Mobile Platforms

  • Apple iOS 6.0 or higher
  • Android 2.3.3 or higher (Android 4.x recommended)

VoIP Feature Device Dependencies

Dependent on the mobile operating system, the software version of OpenScape Business and the network environment, , myPortal to go offers the feature Voice over IP (VoIP).

myPortal to go (Android)

When connected to an OpenScape Business system, myPortal to go (Android) offers a Voice over IP (VoIP) option when connected to the communication system via WiFi. Preconditions are:

When connected to an OpenScape Business V2 or Octopus F X V2 server, myPortal to go (Android) offers a Voice over IP (VoIP) option for campus mobility. Preconditions are:

  • Android version 4.2 or higher
  • One configured and licensed unused system device (HFA) per app user
  • Latest myPortal to go V2 app
  • Local WiFi connection to the server.

The voice quality of the myPortal to go VoIP client depends on the HW performance and on the SW version of the mobile device.
Within the following a rough overview is given derived from practical experience.

Manufacturer Model Android Version Remarks
Archos 45B Platinum 4.3 ok
Huawei Ascend Y530 4.3 ok
HTC Desire 310 4.2.2 ok
HTC Desire 510 4.4.3 ok
HTC One Mini 4.4.2 high latency in VoIP calls
LG G2 5.0.2 ok
Motorola Moto G / Moto G LTE 5.0 / 5.1 ok. VoIP not usable with Android 4.4.x
Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4.3 high latency in VoIP calls
Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 4.2.2 ok
Samsung S4 mini 4.4.2 ok
Samsung S4 / S4 LTE / S5 5.0 ok. VoIP not usable with Android 4.4
Sony Xperia Z1 Compact / Z3 4.4.4 high latency in VoIP calls

Note: The information given within the table is without any warranty.

SW Deployment

The myPortal to go App is available in following AppStores

Android Store Apple Store
QR-Code QRcode android.png QRcode apple.png


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