What editing functions provides this Wiki?

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In order to be able to edit an article you will need an account (see Create a User Account). This access allows you to contribute to various parts of the Wiki. The Editing Menu will help you do this. You will find information and tools for your personal account in the Personal Menu.

On the right-hand of each page you will also find the Navigation Menu for navigating within the Wiki.

Edit Menu

The editing menu appears on each page, directly below the main menu.


  • Page shows the current version of an article in presentation view. For pages from other namespaces, the appropriate type is displayed here, for example File for uploaded files.
  • Discussion is the discussion page, one is provided for each page. Here you can enter suggestions, requests or comments - even if the associated article page is locked to you.
  • Edit opens the editing window containing the source text for the entire page (only if you are logged in). If the article already contains a number of sections, you can also change individual sections using the Edit links beside the section headings.
  • History is a useful tool that allows you to view and compare earlier versions of an article.
  • Delete deletes the page (only available for sysop users).
  • Move moves the page or changes its name (only if you are logged in). The old article name is redirected to the new and the article history is moved also.
  • Protect/Unprotect protects/unprotects the page against editing by non-sysop users (only available for sysop users).
  • Watch/Unwatch activates/deactivates monitoring of the article in question or (only if you are logged in).

Personal Menu

If you are logged in, you will see your personal menu on the right hand of the Editing Menu.


  • User Name shows your personal user page, where you should introduce yourself briefly and describe your role in how it relates to this Wiki.
  • My talk is the discussion page for your personal user page. If other users leave messages on your personal discussion page, you will be automatically informed with a message in the Wiki.
  • My preferences lets you make personal settings such as e-mail address or password.
  • My watchlist shows information on the pages you are monitoring. Use the editing menu (see above) to add monitored pages.
  • My contributions lists all of your contributions to this Wiki in chronological order.
  • Log out logs you out of your account. To log in, use Log in.