What can't we tolerate?

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Criminally Liable Behaviour

We will not tolerate and delete contributions that are criminally liable according to German law, in particular:

  • Breach of the peace, in particular sedition (Verletzung der öffentlichen Ordnung, insbesondere Volksverhetzung, § 130 StGB)
  • Offense guidance (Anleitung zu Straftaten, § 130a StGB),
  • Violation of laws against pornography (Verstoß gegen Pornographiegesetze, § 184 StGB),
  • Verbal insult, defamation and libel (Beleidigung, üble Nachrede und Verleumdung, § 185-188 StGB).

Copyright Infringements

Article content demonstrably not generated by the users but copied from sources protected by copyright without prior approval from the copyright owner or without marking the content as a quotation will be deleted.