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Until recent times Webcam Viewer functionality has been limited to PC only. By utilising the capabilities of the AGP and Webcam Viewer applications we can now provide a significant amount of functionality on the OptiPoint Series phones via the DSM or APM.The application also has a Web Administration feature, which allows the administrator to configure the list of webcam feeds which the users can select from .


Operational Overview :

  • The Webcam Viewer application on the phone interacts with the server using XML. The server provides XML to the phone which the application renders into a screen for the user to interact with. The user’s interaction with the phone results in key-value pairs being passed back to the server for processing.
  • The XML retuned to the phone contains an URL.This URL points to an application on a server with a webcam.
  • The phone cpnnects to the URL and this causes the application to grab ab image from the webcamand returns this in am image stream to the phone.
  • The XML pages are pushed to the phone after certain regular intervals which is configured by the user.

Key Features

  • Select Views

User can select a particular feed for viewing from the list of available feeds.

  • Multiple Views

User can view feeds from 4 different location on the APM scrren at the sametime and can zoom the desired feed.

  • SlideShow

User can cycle through selected feeds.

  • Settings

User can set refresh-rate of feeds form 5 to 60 seconds.