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Unify Product/Solution Management\n
<br><b>Unify Product/Solution Management</b>
OpenScape SBC\n
OpenScape Enterprise Express\n
<li>OpenScape Session Border Controller</li>
Next-Generation Emergency Calling (NG911/NG112)\n
<li>SIP Trunking Certification for the OpenScape Solution</li>
<li>OpenScape Enterprise Express</li>
<li>Anti-Virus for OpenScape Servers</li>
<li>Next-Generation Emergency Calling (NG911/NG112)</li>

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Unify Product/Solution Management

  • OpenScape Session Border Controller
  • SIP Trunking Certification for the OpenScape Solution
  • OpenScape Enterprise Express
  • Anti-Virus for OpenScape Servers
  • Next-Generation Emergency Calling (NG911/NG112)