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(Jabra by GN Netcom)
(Jabra by GN Netcom)
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=== Jabra by GN Netcom ===
=== Jabra by GN Netcom ===
* Jabra Pro 9470
* Jabra Pro 9470
* Jabra Go 6430 (6430-17-20-210, Version A)
* BT620
* BT620
* BT8010
* BT8010

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Please be informed that there are different categories of headsets: Corded, cordless (DECT or Bluetooth base station connects via cable to the phone) and "pure" Bluetooth devices. The best audio quality is provided when using corded headsets. Headset audio quality may be suffering when using other interfaces like DECT & Bluetooth.

Corded headsets are typically equipped with a 4-pin western plug. Cordless headsets, if they support the electronic hook switch functionality, do have an 8-pin western plug (to transport the signalling). The OpenStage socket supports both western plugs without any adapter, since the socket is hardware coded so that the 4-pin western plug does not rock around. This hardware coding also prevents, that someone plugs in a standard RJ45. Meaning, the headset 8-pin western plug is not a standard RJ45 (which could be a PoE powerd LAN cable).

Answering a call is simply done via the headset key. Neither an amplifier nor headset lifter are needed. Ask the headset supplier to get the right (adapter) cable for your headset which fits directly into the OpenStage headset socket.

The following headsets are recommended for use as an accessory with OpenStage 40, OpenStage 60 and OpenStage 80 phones.

More information on how to use Bluetooth see OpenStage Bluetooth.

How to use Bluetooth headsets with OpenStage phones see pdf.png  User Manual OpenStage 60-80 HFA HP3000-HP5000 on page 167.

Corded Headsets

Jabra by GN Netcom

  • Jabra BIZ 2400 Duo (GN2489-820-104)
  • GN Netcom profile monaural
  • GN Netcom profile binaural


  • Plantronics Encore (H91, H91N, H101, H101N)
  • Plantronics Encore for USA (P91, P91N, P101, P101N)
  • Plantronics Supra (H51, H51N, H61, H61N)
  • Plantronics Duoset (H141, H141N)
  • Plantronics Tristar (H81)
  • Plantronics SupraPlus Wideband (HW251N, HW261N)
  • Plantronics Encore Pro monaural (HW291N)
  • Plantronics Encore Pro binaural (HW301N)
  • Plantronics Entera Duo (HW121N)

Cordless Headsets (either DECT or Bluetooth based, using a base station for phone connection)

Jabra by GN Netcom

  • GN9356-607-401, Version A; also for USA
  • Jabra PRO 9470 (9470-26-904-101, Version A); also for USA
  • Jabra Pro 9460 (9460-25-707-101, Version A); also for USA
  • GN 6210-01 (Version C); also for USA


  • Savi Office WO100 (W01Base + WH100 headset); also for USA
  • Savi Office WO200 (W01Base + WH200 headset); also for USA
  • Savi Office WO300 (W01Base + WH300 headset); also for USA
  • Savi Office WO350 (W01Base + WH350 headset); also for USA

The following OpenStage SW releases are needed to configure cordless headsets properly:

  • OpenStage SIP phones starting with SW version V1R5
  • OpenStage HFA phones  : starting with SW version V1 R3.24.0
  • OpenStage TDM
    • OpenStage 60, 80 TDM: starting with SW version V1 R3.18.0
    • OpenStage 40 TDM: starting with SW version V1 R0.21.0

Bluetooth headsets

Jabra by GN Netcom

  • Jabra Pro 9470
  • Jabra Go 6430 (6430-17-20-210, Version A)
  • BT620
  • BT8010
  • BT8040
  • GN6210-01
  • JX10
  • M5390
  • BT530 [1]
  1. After Switch ON the Headset, the reconnect must be initiated via the menue on the OpenStage phone.


  • Discovery 925
  • Discovery 665

Different headsets may have varying switching times. OpenStage supports the Bluetooth "Headset Profile" and no "Hands Free Profile". Additional headset specific features may not be supported. The Bluetooth headset audio quality may be impaired by other Bluetooth devices in vicinity.