OpenStage HFA Release Notes

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The OpenStage HFA Release Notes help you to find, in descending order:

  • New implemented features
  • Corrected bugs
  • Known and still open issues (eventually with workarounds)

for each specific OpenStage HFA phone software version considered.

Software versioning / naming

A new software versioning scheme was introduced, it requires that a new versioning name should be adopted for each software product.
Software product version will be now identified with the string:

V x[.y] R m.f.h

in which field:

  • x[.y] denotes the Major release level
  • m denotes the Minor release level
  • f denotes the Fix release level
  • h denotes the Hotfix level

This naming convention scheme does not imply any naming requirements for file / files available.

More informations on the New Software Versioning scheme wiki page.

OpenStage / DeskPhone IP HFA V3

Known & Open Issues

Summary Workaround
Sporadic no ringer played on incoming call None (Potentially be already fixed since V3 R0.23.0, waiting for feedback)
Gateview keys periodically lose the key layout None

V3 R0.23.3

Fixed Bugs

V3 R0.23.0

Fixed Bugs

ID Summary
NA13850822 Changing port speed does not work without reset of phone
NA13652716 Phone crash after internal or external Call
NA13609713 OS40 Mailbox LED off after access of local menu
NA13604530 OpenStage HFA V3 R0 displays HY2 on Call Attempt
NA13590261 Sporadic missing "Missing Configuration Items" Popup
NA13526284 OpenStage 40 HFA evolved into OS80
NA13526284 OpenStage 40 does not boot any more
NA13454941 Phone crash in call or idle (NO TLS)
NA13441406 After H02 Message and Call Forward key press, not possible to use call forward again also Settings Menu is empty
NA13380446 Not possible to set DOMAIN-Name via DLS
NA13321142 Call Duration time not showing correct time, always starts with 0
NA13261344 Phone restart during conversation
NA13212995 OpenStage HFA V3 R0 Phone with identity crisis (OS40 US)
NA13082701 OpenStage HFA show Picture Clip in the Released call Information bar.

V3 R0.18.0

Fixed Bugs

ID Summary
NA13352159 Missing information in QDC traps
NA13086680 Firmware Upgrade for Lantiq Phy
NA13110854 OpenStage 40 Display shows PIN after hangup (XPression)
NA13202631 OpenStage 40 freezes
NA13120649 Canonical Dial parameters not used correctly if same access code is used twice
NA13207243 OpenStage V3 R0 HFA does not contact DLS on daily basis
NA13241194 OpenSSL Multiple Vulnerabilities
NA13194625 XML Application can’t be started after upgrade from v2 R1 to V3 R0
NA11630397 Spanning-tree filtered during boot time
NA13277360 OpenStage Mobile User not staying logged on in some gateway restart scenarios
NA13212995 OpenStage 40 new HFA V3 Hardware identified as OpenStage 40 US
NA12430056 OpenStage 40 reboots

V3 R0.16.3

Fixed Bugs

ID Summary
NA13212995 No function of Functions Keys on new OpenStage 40 HFA V3 Hardware Phones

V3 R0.16.1

Fixed Bugs

ID Summary
NA13194625 XML Applications: Timeout for server answers increased/ IppAlert Text fixed

What's New?

General information HFA V3

What’s New?

Area Summary
New HFA Workpoints The OpenScape Desk Phone IP 35G / IP 55G phones (DPIP35/55) represent a new generation of desk phone with completely new physical housing.

Main differences OpenScape Desk Phones to OpenStage:

  • New functional optimized industrial design, available either with text or icons on the keys and in two colors (for icon variant)
  • Headset port available for OpenScape Desk Phone IP 35G
  • Easier navigation for OpenScape Desk Phone IP 55G by Soft-keys
  • Features same as comparable OpenStage IP phones, so that mixed configuration can be smoothly supported (same Software)
  • Due to design optimization, OpenScape Desk Phone IP 35G can be offered to a lower price, than comparable OpenStage IP phones
Functionality LDAP on OpenStage 15/20/40 and on OpenScape Desk Phone IP 35G. This feature provides user access to centralized (corporate) directories on LDAP base direct on OpenStage 15/20/40 and on OpenScape Desk Phone IP 35G.
Functionality Local Phone Book on OpenStage 15/20/40 and on OpenScape Desk Phone IP 35G. This feature provides user access to a local phone book direct on OpenStage 15/20/40 and on OpenDesk Phone IP 35G. The local phone book is restricted to 100 entries. Each entry (contact) consists of three attributes: last name, first name and number. Editing of a contact can be done locally or via WBM interface.
Functionality Support of Bluetooth Hands-free Profile (HFP).
Usability Distinctive Ringing (providing different ring tones). A new node called “Ringer” is placed at the User menu, this will have two sub-nodes, one allowing the user to set the mode (local or Hipath) and the other giving access to list of configurable local (distinctive) ringers.
Usability Volume Indicator

This feature introduces audible feedback of changes made to ringer volume (while the phone is not involved in a call) for OpenStage 60/80 and OpenScape Desk Phone IP55G.

License Issue Replacement of 3rd Party H.323 Stack. With the Version HFA V3, the current implemented 3rd party H.323 stack is replaced by a stackless solution as well as with an Unify own compatible H.323 stack. For SME was decided to abandon H.323 protocol and extend CorNet protocol. This was introduced with V2R1 HFA to support OpenScape Business. The Unify own H.323 stack is backward compatible with former 3rd party H.323 stack.
License Issue Downgrade Protection to avoid a download with HFA Phone Software containing former 3rd party H.323 stack
License Issue OpenStage 60: Removing and Replacing Java

As already done for SIP, with V3R0 HFA, the Java based functionality was replaced by existing phone application software (e.g. XML parser for the XML generic application platform).

Security Linux Kernel Upgrade

To keep up-to date with recent kernel development, as well as getting security fixes and bugs corrected, a kernel upgrade was done for the Unify HFA Desktop phone family.

Security SHA-2 for digital signatures / certificates. The phone supports the SHA-2 family of hash functions (in addition to SHA-1):
  • SHA224,
  • SHA256,
  • SHA384 and
  • SHA512.

A certificate signature encoded using any of these algorithms can be handled.

Security MTLS based device authentication

The phone supports client certificates for mutual authentication (when the server also authenticates the phone) of selected secure interfaces. A client certificate identifies the device (not current user) to the server.

Security Configure USB port

A new Admin level local menu only item is introduced with this Version to disable the USB port at a low level.

Network OpenStage 60 LLDP-MED Message with 5 W

OpenStage 60 (backlit version) can advertise via LLDP-MED a power value that fits PoE class 2 with up to 2 sidecars but provided that USB is disabled at start-up. OpenStage 60G (backlit version) can advertise via LLDP-MED a power value that fits PoE Class 2, but only if USB is disabled and no sidecars are plugged in. This new feature can be used it at least these HW Revisions are used:

  • S30817-S7403-D101-30 for OpenStage 60 HFA iceblue,
  • S30817-S7403-D103-30 for OpenStage 60 HFA lava,
  • S30817-S7403-B101-30 for OpenStage 60 G HFA iceblue,
  • S30817-S7403-B103-30 for OpenStage 60 G HFA lava

V3 R0.16.0

Fixed Bugs

ID Summary
NA xyz

OpenStage HFA V2

Support for this Software Version is discontinued. Further fixes will only be done with OpenStage HFA V3 R0

Known & Open Issues

ID Summary Workaround
NA12432445 Call duration Timer reset on new display messages (for example AUN Call) None
NA12430056 Attended crashes on phones with very high load None, several improvements have been made in V2 R1.5.1 for this issue.

V2 R1.5.1

Fixed Bugs

ID Summary
NA12256620 Call forward led on OS20G is not lit when forward is active
NA11135555 Sporadically Call Forward Key does not function
NA12430056 Several stability improvements made

V2 R1.5.0

Fixed Bugs

ID Summary
NA11480710 Current Destination number of NAME key is not being displayed on OS40 when using keys 13-18 on OS keymodule 15


OpenStage HFA reboot in attendant scenarios
NA10893464 WBM&GUI: wrong LLDP-MED Network policy TLV (other)
NA12124867 Auto Negotiation Improvements for Gigabit Phones

V2 R0.98.0

Fixed Bugs

ID Summary
NA11306618 DLS Overload cause Phones to stop any DLS communication
NA11190480 Calls sporadically with no payload
NA11060107 OpenStage HFA phones fail to upgrade
NA10918396 Re-register with Gateway redundancy doesn't work
NA06832185 DLS OpenStage 40HFA Logo deployment fails during Plug and Play

OpenStage HFA V1

This version is out of support

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