OpenScape Office LX 3rd Party Gateways

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OpenScape Office LX can be connected to TDM Trunks (S0/BRI, S2M/PRI) or Analog Trunks (HKZ, CAS) via HiPath 3000 V8 or OpenScape Office MX V2 communication systems, these acting as VoIP Gateways to PSTN.
Third party SIP/TDM Gateways (VoIP Gateways) could also be used by Sales Partners after a successful certification path is planned and completed.
Certification path involves specific tests are made in agreement with SEN: technical requirements, supported/unsupported features and general information about test process are given below.

Technical Requirements

OpenScape Office LX side

  • OpenScape Office LX stand-alone system
  • Trunk configuration: "native SIP trunk" mode

Third Party VoIP Gateway side

  • SIP interface according to RFC 3261
  • DTMF transmission according to RFC 2833
  • FAX over IP according to T.38

Supported/Unsupported Features

  • Basic Call
  • Consultation, Conference
  • DTMF transmission
  • FAX

not supported

  • Call Back from ISDN
  • Specific displays for forwarded calls

Certification Process

Certification is possible for third party gateways with broader business relevance.
Agreement with SEN Product Management shall be reached in advance.
The test cases from the list below have to be executed and documented: after successful tests the tested gateway is released and support is given for deployments including tested gateway.


Product Management: Franz Kneissl
Technical Support: Tasos Ginis

Test list
zip.png  SIP Gateway test List

Released Gateways