How to enter SIP Provider Account Data

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VoIP Providers use different denominations and formats for their VoIP accounts. The following table gives an overview about the correct matching to the OpenScape Office Web-based Management fields (WBM). Please feel free to extend this article according to your experience.

Please note that support is only available for released providers

Example of the WBM mask for the preconfigured provider Sipgate:

The WBM screen for a selected provider

OpenScape Office WBM - en Internet telehony station Autorization name Password Internet telephony station number
OpenScape Office WBM - de Internet-Telefonie-Teilnehmer Autorisierungsname Kennwort Internet-Telefonie-Teilnehmerrufnummer
sipgate basic / plus SIP-ID <leer> SIP-Passwort Rufnummer
Vodafone (Arcor) Einzelanschluss Sprach-Benutzername
Sprach-Passwort Rufnummer
Voipdiscount Account name Account name Password Display name/number
XSip Account-Nummer Account-Nummer Passwort SIP-Nummer
<add info for new provider here>

Note: For the majority of providers 'Autorization name' has to be the same as 'Internet telephony station'

For all necessary administration steps see: OpenScape Office Configuration Guide for Internet Telephony