HiPath TAPI 120/170 FAQ

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Information sources within the internet

Where can I find additional information about TAPI 120 / 170

Andreas Marschall's TAPI and TSPI FAQ

Where can I find additional information about TAPI in general

For testing Microsoft provides a TAPI Browser within the MDSN.

Microsoft® FTP Site for TAPI Developers

Mircrosoft TAPI quick start

In addition many TAPI testtools are available within the internet. A good overview about available TAPI materials is given here:

Andreas Marschall’s TAPI and TSPI FAQ

Licensing in general

Which licenses exist where are they entered ?

  • TSP 170 - Licensing of TAPI-lines through TSP170
  • TSP 120 - Licensing of TAPI-lines within CMD
  • CSP - Licensing of CSTA-lines within CSP