HiPath TAPI 120/170 FAQ

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Information sources within the internet

Where can I find additional information about TAPI 120 / 170

Andreas Marschall's TAPI and TSPI FAQ

Where can I find additional information about TAPI in general

For testing Microsoft provides a TAPI Browser within the MDSN.

Microsoft® FTP Site for TAPI Developers

Mircrosoft TAPI quick start

In addition many TAPI testtools are available within the internet. A good overview about available TAPI materials is given here:

Andreas Marschall’s TAPI and TSPI FAQ

Licensing in general

Which licenses exist where are they entered ?

  • TSP 170 - Licensing of TAPI-lines through TSP170
  • TSP 120 - Licensing of TAPI-lines within CMD
  • CSP - Licensing of CSTA-lines within CSP

Licensing of HiPath TAPI 170

How can I upgrade V1.0 licenses to V2.0 licenses?

In general the licensing packet purchased under V1.0 has to be transferred within the license server (CLS) to V2.0 and the latest driver software has to be installed.

Step 1 Enter the MAC ID in the license server under HiPath TAPI 170 V1.0 “Convert version” and presses the “Search” button to search for the data set. He then activates “Convert to V2.0” in order to transfer the found dataset into the V2.0 licensing database (license server). After transfer, the dataset can no longer be edited using V1.0!

Step2 Change to the HiPath TAPI 170 V2.0 (HiPath TAPI TSP) license. Enter the unchanged MAC ID in the “Configuration data” field and queries the new license key. Opening "Upgrade license", HiPath TAPI 170 V2.0 expansion packets and HiPath TAPI 170 V1.0 licenses (which have been converted to HiPath TAPI 170 V2.0) can now be combined in one new overall license.

How can I upgrade from CTI TAPI 3P to HiPath TAPI V2.0 using the dongle?

Install TAPI 170 V2.0 SW and the dongle driver which is also available on the CD.