Fix Forwarding Key to send URL to Server

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Family: OpenStage
Model: OpenStage 60
OpenStage 80
Relation: SIP related
Release: V2 R0

This feature description describes the requirement that SIP OpenStage phones with a fixed forwarding key available should be capable of having the key programmed as alternative function to the default built-in forwarding. The primary requirement is for the key to be programmable with a function capa-ble of sending a feature access code to a remote SIP server in order to toggle forwarding; functionality that is currently available on FPKs as the Server Feature key function.

Current Operation

At present, pressing the fixed forwarding key on a SIP OpenStage phone controls its built-in forwarding functionality. A popup is displayed, allowing the user to both toggle forwarding and edit forwarding destinations. Forwarding state is reflected by a stylised icon and forwarding destination on the Call-View idle screen. The key has two modes of operation:

  • Phone based forwarding: Forwarding is performed by the OpenStage Phone. When the user configures forwarding types and destinations, they are stored on the phone. This is the mode of operation when the SIP ‘Server Features’ configuration parameter is set to No.
  • Server based forwarding: Forwarding is performed by the SIP Server. When the user configures forwarding types and destinations, a uaCSTA request is sent to the OpenScape Voice de-tailing the new settings. This is the mode of operation when the SIP ‘Server Features’ configuration parameter is set to Yes.

This current operation when the fixed forwarding key is pressed will be packaged as a function definition named Built-in forwarding. This will be the default function allocated to the fixed forwarding key, and will only be programmable against this key.

Call forward toggle functionality using external server

In this configuration, the fixed forwarding key will be programmed as function Server Feature. A new configuration parameter named Key Functionality will be set to Toggle Call Forwarding. The expected purpose of the key will be to toggle forwarding between on and off by sending a feature access code to the server.

Built-in forwarding for either mode of operation as described above will be disabled; any active phone based forwards will be disabled, and server based forwards will remain in their current state. The phone user will not have the ability to make any further changes to either phone or server based built-in forwarding either through the fixed forwarding key or the user menus.

On pressing the key, the user will be presented with prompt Toggle call forwarding, allowing them to accept or reject the action; the prompt will auto-timeout to accept. When accepted, the configured FAC or DTMF sequence will be sent to the external server, as defined in the FD for the Server Feature functionality

Control of the fixed forwarding key LED will be relinquished to the SIP server via a subscription related to the key. The LED state as controlled by the server will be reflected by the visibility of the stylised forwarding icon on the phone’s idle CallView screen. The call forwarding destination will not be displayed.