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Default Language English

The Default Language of this Wiki is English as the target audience is international. Therefore, the Wiki’s user interface is in English for non-registered users, and the navigation links get you to English pages. Registered users can select another user interface language, e.g. German, in their preferences. To become a registered user you have to create an account.

Dual-Language Content

Important overview pages, product pages and articles about technical topics are offered both in English as well as in German. Links marked with International (English)  in the small navigation bar right below the page header get you to the English version of a current German page. And vice versa: Links marked with Deutschland  get you to the German version of a current English page. Links within the text that get you from a German to an English page are also marked with International (English) , and links marked with Deutschland  get you from an English page to a German page.

We want to encourage users who are familiar with the required terminology of both languages and are capable of translating from one language into the other to translate pages that are only available in one language into the other language.

Writing in Your Preferred Language

Whenever you create an article, please write in either English or German. Articles written in other languages will be deleted as the additional effort for checking these articles would be far too high. Use the language (English or German) you are most familiar with. Discussion pages of articles are an exception: If you want to answer to a user on one of these pages, please write the answer in the language he/she was using in his/her text.

Please mark German sections in English articles (and vice versa) which should be translated using the following syntax (example: German in an English article):

{{stillen |
This is the foreign-language text.

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