Bluetooth Functions with Desk Phone CP

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About Bluetooth and Desk Phones

Bluetooth is an optional feature of the OpenScape Desk Phone CP family. Following models are supporting the feature: - CP600

Bluetooth is a wireless protocol to connect various devices to the phone. The connection is done via a 'paring' process. The capability of the devices is described in so called 'profiles'. The CP phones are supporting several of these profiles to provide a huge amount of use cases to the user.

The following chapter gives an overview about the supported use cases.

OpenScape Desk Phone CP Bluetooth Feature List


Free Speaking Unit


Bluetooth keyboards are generally supported. They allow full control over the CP600 phone. Searching for call parties, input of settings and call control can be done using the keyboard. Please note that only one keyboard or remote button can be used.

Remote Button

The Bluetooth remote button allows to to trigger one configured favorite of the CP600 or one button configured on the key module 600. Please note that only one keyboard or remote button can be used.

Temperature and Humidity Sensor


With the help of the extended Bluetooth interface, it is possible to automatically lock the device as well as to unlock it. The signal strength of the Bluetooth device is measured for this purpose. If this value falls below a certain value that is configurable, the device is automatically disabled.

I - Beacon

Location Information