optiPoint connectivity to Sylantro

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Many carriers and VoIP providers offer hosted VoIP services to replace traditional (enterprise-) PBX systems or enhance known services for new offerings like Mobile PBX. optiPoint phones with SIP protocol are tested and released with Sylantro application servers (details below), supporting advanced features for SIP business communication.

Beside SIP phones, Siemens BizIP and HiPath 2000 is certified to run in Sylantro environemnt.

optiPoint 410 / 420 S family

Supported Sylantro specific services

Note: Details may depend on the phone and the system SW version - list below refers to optiPoint 410/420 S V6.0 and Sylantro Rel.4.0

  • Call Park / Pickup
  • Group Call Pickup
  • Bridged/Shared Line Appearance
  • Centralized conferencing
  • Calling/called/connected subscriber display


XML deployment

supported platform version

optiPoint WL2 professional S

Supported Sylantro specific services


supported platform version

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