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| align="center" | [[Image:opk-0.png]]
| [[Image:opk-0.png]]
| Example of a<br />typical PNG image
| Example of a<br />typical PNG image

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Example of a
typical PNG image

PNG = Portable Network Graphics


[edit] Explanation

Format of electronic bitmap images, frequently used on internet.

[edit] Properties

  • lossless compression
  • 24 bit color depth
  • no progressive loading
  • transparency (8 bit)
  • no animation

[edit] See also

[edit] Erläuterung

Im Internet häufig verwendetes Format elektronischer Pixel-Bilder.

[edit] Eigenschaften

  • verlustfreie Komprimierung
  • 24 bit Farbtiefe
  • kein progressives Laden
  • Transparenz (8 bit)
  • Keine Animation

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